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Birth Month Flowers

Discover the flowers assigned to each month of the year.

january birth month flower

January Birth Month Flower is the Carnation

January's birth month flower is the Carnation.  Otherwise known as "dianthus" or "pinks," these flowers with their large ruffled blooms and spicy clove smell are ideal for boutonnieres, corsages and bouquets.  Carnations come in many colors but are most popular in red, white, and pink.  A gift of Carnations expresses love or fascination. 

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  • february month flower

    February Birth Month Flower is the Violet

    "Roses are red, violets are blue. . ."  Actually, the Violet, February's flower, comes in white, yellow and pink, as well as the more commonly seen vivid purple-blue.  With its lush green leaves and dainty flowers, it is perfect peeking from a cheery nosegay.  Violets represent devotion and faithfulness. 

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    march birth month flower

    March Birth Month Flower is the Daffodil

    Daffodils are a sunny promise of spring.  March's flower comes in many varieties and colors—from miniatures to full-sized doubles with large or small-cupped crowns in yellow, cream, and orange hues. These flowers are also known as "jonquils" or "narcissus" and are given as a token of esteem.   

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    april birth month flower

    April Birth Month Flower is the Daisy

    The Daisy is associated with innocence and loyal love.  In earlier days, young women plucked the white petals from the yellow eye of this flower one by one, chanting, "he loves me, he loves me not"—to measure a lover's affections.  April's bright flower is found in country gardens and sunny meadows, as well as in a fresh spring bouquet! 

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    may birth month flower

    May Birth Month Flower is the Lily-of-the-Valley

    May's flower is the Lily-of-the-Valley.  Clusters of tiny white bell-shaped flowers climb up slender stems, perhaps the origin of this flower being dubbed "the ladder to heaven."  The flowers have a heavenly fragrance, to be sure!  The Lily-of-the-Valley expresses humility and is often given to say, "let's make up." 

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    june birth month flower

    June Birth Month Flower is the Rose

    The Rose is June's flower.  It's sweet scent and delicate appearance belies its sturdy durability in an arrangement.  Roses express a multitude of emotions, depending upon the color.  A red Rose is the classic "I love you" sentiment, white Roses symbolize purity and innocence, and yellow say "remember me."   

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    july birth month flower

    July Birth Month Flower is the Larkspur

    As bright and festive as a summer fireworks display, July's flower, the Larkspur, is ideal for arrangements alone or alongside other flowers.   With tall spikes of lacy foliage and blossoms in colors ranging from scarlet to dark pink, purple, lavender and white, this flower expresses lightheartedness. 

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    august birth month flower

    August Birth Month Flower is the Gladiolas

    Show sincerity with a bouquet of Gladiolus.  August's flower blossoms open one by one starting from the base of the tall stems, making this an enduring cut flower.  The ruffled, trumpet-shaped Glads come in every color of the rainbow and look stunning alone or as a backdrop for other flowers. 

    NOTE: Gladiolus are often difficult to find online -- if you are unable to find them, try checking with a local florist. Also, when searching online sites try both "gladiolAs" and "gladiolUs".
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    september birth month flower

    September Birth Month Flower is the Aster

    Celebrate the splendor of autumn with a bouquet of Asters.  Sister to the daisy, September's flower sports sturdy star-shaped blossoms on leafy stems in a variety of colors, including red, white, pink, blue and purple.  The Aster symbolizes love and beauty. 

    Send asters NOTE: Asters are generally used in mixed bouquets. If you would like a bouquet of just larkspur, your best bet is to check with a local florist where you can request custom bouquets. icon Learn about the September Birthstone

    october birth month flower

    October Birth Month Flower is the Calendula

    October's flower is a splash of golden orange color.  Also known as "pot marigold," the Calendula flower is used medicinally for the skin.  The traditional meaning of a gift of Calendula is to express sorrow or sympathy. 

    NOTE: Calendulas are often difficult to find online -- if you are unable to find them, try checking with a local florist.
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    november birth month flower

    November Birth Month Flower is the Crysanthemum

    The Chrysanthemum is November's flower.  A member of the daisy family, it reigns supreme among fall flowers.  The excellent holding quality of the blooms—in pink, purple, red, bronze, orange or yellow colors—makes it an ideal corsage flower.  The Chrysanthemum expresses friendship or cheer. 

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    december birth month flower

    December Birth Month Flower is Holly or Narcissus

    Celebrate the winter holidays with December's evergreen, the Holly.  With its shiny leaves and cheery red berries, it will warm the coldest day.  In earlier times, Holly branches were placed around the outside of a home to symbolize hospitality.  Today Holly continues to be an expression of friendship and domestic happiness.

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